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is an effective method of protection devices controlling a plant, which allows minimizing the danger and damage caused by fire in a refinery, oil platforms, petrochemical, thermal power, electrical, shipbuilding and defense plants.
BilcoFlex® is based on the assembly of various multilayer "jackets" which are attached to each other only through belts and buckles in stainless steel, no rings, no wires or seams.
The main advantage of a soft and flexible protection is due to easy transport, handling, assembly and disassembly.
This allows a quick access to the protected device operations through appropriate inspection bays, or even to make ordinary and extraordinary maintenance disassembling quickly and without specialized personnel, BilcoFlex® protections.
All panels are made with highly performing materials, designed to work in extreme temperatures: from -50° C to about 275° C only for the external coating fabric of the panels, while the entire protection ensures its function up to 1400° C for a different period of time, depending on specific requests. It is possible to create access bays for command buttons, control panels, indicators and automatisms.
BilcoFlex® protections guarantee the complete operation of protected critical systems, for the period of time required by the customer, delaying the damage in a controlled way and preventing further damage to the equipment, products, people and things.
  • Simple and light to carry, can be installed quickly and without specific equipment and tools
  • Installation may be carried out without stopping the system
  • Custom-made products, small size
  • Weatherproof, resistant to UV rays, cold, sea environment, chemicals and acids
  • No material is harmful, all absolutely free of asbestos offshoots 
  • Fire resistant up to 2 hours at temperatures up to 1400°